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KameraProtocol Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void del (const KUrl &url, bool isFile)
virtual void get (const KUrl &url)
CameraFile * getFile ()
int getFileSize ()
 KameraProtocol (const QByteArray &pool, const QByteArray &app)
virtual void listDir (const KUrl &url)
void setFileSize (int newfs)
virtual void special (const QByteArray &data)
virtual void stat (const KUrl &url)

Private Member Functions

bool cameraSupportsDel (void)
bool cameraSupportsPreview (void)
bool cameraSupportsPut (void)
void closeCamera (void)
bool openCamera (void)
bool openCamera (QString &str)
int readCameraFolder (const QString &folder, CameraList *dirList, CameraList *fileList)
void reparseConfiguration (void)
void setCamera (const QString &cam, const QString &port)
void split_url2camerapath (QString url, QString &directory, QString &file)
void statRegular (const KUrl &url)
void statRoot (void)
void translateDirectoryToUDS (KIO::UDSEntry &udsEntry, const QString &dirname)
void translateFileToUDS (KIO::UDSEntry &udsEntry, const CameraFileInfo &info, QString name)
void translateTextToUDS (KIO::UDSEntry &udsEntry, const QString &info, const char *txt)

Private Attributes

bool actiondone
bool cameraopen
QString current_camera
QString current_port
int idletime
CameraAbilities m_abilities
Camera * m_camera
KConfig * m_config
GPContext * m_context
CameraFile * m_file
int m_fileSize
QString m_lockfile

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file kamera.h.

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